Ki Massage



What is Ki?

Ki means life force or energy. Each of us has a life force that keeps us alive. This energy can become blocked, however, leaving us vulnerable to health problems. Stress, tension, bad posture, and lack of exercise can impede the flow of energy, restricting our natural healing and appetite for life.

What is Ki Massage?

Ki Massage is a holistic treatment that helps to dissolve stress at a deep level and free the energy we need for good physical and mental health.

The treatment is firm yet gentle, leaving your body feeling lighter, more relaxed, and energised. You will find your thinking becomes clearer and your concentration improves. Enjoy an appetite for life you may not have experienced since childhood.

What are the benefits of Ki Massage?

  • Relaxes both body and mind
  • Improves circulation and mobility
  • Eliminates toxins from the body
  • Relieves pain
  • Strengthens your ability to deal with stress
  • Enhances your mental outlook
  • Reinforces positivity and advances creative thinking

Who is Ki Massage for?

Ki Massage is for anybody who is feeling under the weather, particularly if you work in a pressurised job or have to deal with stressful people on a regular basis.

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